Op-Ed/Editorials: Changes to the BASIS


We’d like to take this opportunity to announce some upcoming changes to the BASIS. Beginning during January 2013, the humanities review Addiction and the Humanities will move from the regular weekly rotation to a special commentary schedule. This will allow us to concentrate our weekly efforts on reviews of scientific journal articles via the remaining four sections: the Worldwide Addiction Gambling Education Report (WAGER), the Drinking Report for Addiction Medicine (DRAM), Addiction Smoking Health Education Service (ASHES), and Science Threads on Addiction, Substance Use, and Health (STASH). Division on Addiction faculty will continue to offer commentary on interesting connections between addiction and the humanities, occasionally through the editorial section of the BASIS. 

We also announce some changes to the BASIS staff. Heather Gray, Ph. D. will take over a Senior Editor of the BASIS, while Debi LaPlante, Ph.D. and Sarah Nelson, Ph.D. will serve as Editors of the WAGER and STASH (Dr. LaPlante) and ASHES and DRAM (Dr. Nelson).

We look forward to another year of fruitful information exchange with our readers. As always, readers are encouraged to respond in the comments section of our reviews or, for more general comments, via email at basis@divisiononaddictions.org.

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