Op-Ed/Editorials: List of selected recipients for July giveaway


The Division on Addiction is pleased to announce the following people will receive a copy of Harvard Health Publications' new book, Almost a Psychopath: Do I (or Does Someone I know) Have a Problem with Manipulation and Lack of Empathy? - Tracie Afifi, Farah Ahmad, Susan Azul, George Dominiak, Carlise Downie, Joanne Fendell, Jeanne Holbrook, Stephen Merritt, Linda Norton, Lindsay Passarello, Nanciellen Poulin, Glen Rampton, Andrea Ryan, Stephen Whiting Trish Wright, and five others.

One thought on “Op-Ed/Editorials: List of selected recipients for July giveaway

  1. Carlise Downie Reply

    I am excited and thankful that I won the book and look forward to reading and learning!
    Carlise Downie

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