Introduction to the Special Series on Addiction and College Students


It’s that time of year again –the days are shorter, the air is cooler, and students are heading back to school. Students beginning college will face new challenges and decisions as they adjust to living with peers instead of parents. Research indicates that college students and other emerging adults are at high risk, compared to other age groups, for a variety of expressions of addiction. To shed more light on this research, we are dedicating the month of September to issues of addiction among college students. First, ASHES reviewed a study suggesting that designated on-campus smoking areas might have some unintended consequences. Next, STASH reviewed a study of college student cannabis- and alcohol-related DUI. Last week, The WAGER reviewed a study that investigates how gambling outcome expectations might predict problem gambling among college student-athletes. Today, The DRAM reviews a study looking at the success of a brief mobile intervention that targets both heavy drinking and smoking among a group of college students.

We supplemented these reviews with an Op-Ed/Editorial by Dr. Ryan Martin. Dr. Martin discussed reasons for college students’ vulnerability to addiction and reviewed steps administrators can take to intervene and reduce vulnerability. We hope you enjoyed and learned from this Special Series.


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