Op-Ed/Editorials: List of selected recipients for January giveaway “Change your Gambling, Change your Life”


The Division on Addiction is pleased to announce the following people will receive the book Change your Gambling, Change your Life: Jeanne Blake, Nicola Coalter, Don Feeney, Sally Langland, Jamie Large, Judy McCormick, Gavin Miller, Tom Murphy, Megan Petra, Nanciellen Poulin, Glen Rampton, Fred Smith, Naoko Takiguchi, Bob Thomson, Edith Townsend, Marianne Vick, Marlene Warner, Jessica Williams, Andrea Wöhr, and Trish Wright. http://bit.ly/editorial_DOA20th. We’ve selected people from as far away as Australia, Canada, Germany, and Japan. Thank you for celebrating our 20th anniversary with us!

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