The WAGER, Vol. 1(10) – Growth in U.S. gambling industry


Since 1982, gambling has increased in each of the eight segments of the gaming industry depicted in the figure below. The first modern state lottery began in New Hampshire in 1963; however, of the 38 U.S. lotteries currently operating, over 75% were started after 1980. Legalized casino gambling existed only in Nevada and New Jersey until 1988, the year Congress passed the Indian Gaming Regula­tory Act (IGRA). The IGRA established a statutory framework for the regulation and control of gaming on Indian lands. Currently, there are 139 approved compacts in 24 states involving 123 tribes. Non-tribal casino gambling also expanded after 1988; since 1989 five states have authorized riverboat gambling.

Source: Hunter Interests, Inc., (November, 1995). Casino Economic Impact Report: State of Maryland and Baltimore Area. In: The Joint Executive-Legislative Task Force to Study Commercial Gaming Activities in Maryland, (December, 1995). Final Report of the Joint Executive-Legislative Task Force to Study Commerical Gaming Activities in Maryland. Annapolis, MD: Author.

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    Gambling has its fair share of blame but on the other hand economies have flourished under it

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