A reflection on our efforts during 2015: Top 10 most read BASIS posts

As the end of the year approaches, we’re reflecting upon our efforts to share addiction science during the past year. We hope that you’ve benefited from the material we’ve posted this year. Our BASIS posts have included weekly reviews of scientific studies of smoking, gambling, drinking, and substance use and editorials from researchers, treatment providers, industry and policy experts, and others who have personally experienced addiction. We’d love to learn more about how you’ve used The BASIS in your own life! Please share your experiences by emailing us at basis@divisiononaddictions.org.

Here are the top ten most widely read posts for 2015:

  1. The WAGER, Vol. 20(4) – Drinking Stopping Thinking: Alcohol and Gambling Facilities

The first study in our top ten for 2015 explores the associations between drinking alcohol and gambling and gambling-related beliefs like superstition, misconceptions and other ideas about gambling.

  1. The WAGER, Vol. 20(8) – We have a new challenger: Gambling habits of video game players

This study dives into the world of video games and questions whether people who spend too much time playing video games also have problems related to gambling.

  1. The WAGER, Vol. 20 (12) – Still the same game: Gambling fallacies in online and offline poker players

Ever wonder about the difference between online and offline poker players? This review takes a look at the different misconceptions and biases among online poker players versus people who play poker on live tables.

  1. The WAGER, Vol. 20 (1) – In pursuit of something different: Chasing losses among online poker players and online casino patrons

If you gamble frequently, you probably know how it feels to be down on your luck. This study examines whether people who play poker online versus offline are more likely to chase their losses.

  1. The DRAM, Vol. 11(8): How high? The prevalence of comorbidity of newly-defined alcohol use disorders in the general population

The diagnosis of mental illness is a complex and evolving process. This article focuses on the prevalence and comorbidity of alcohol use disorder in the general population using the new DSM-5 criteria.

  1. Substance abuse disorder treatment in the criminal justice system: A Front-line perspective

Peter Kosciusko, director of substance abuse programs at the Worcester County Jail and House of Corrections, contributed this op-ed/editorial. Mr. Kosciusko describes the major problems with substance abuse treatment in the criminal justice system and potential avenues for change.

  1. . Maternal substance abuse: Exploring mother-infant relationships and brain responses

Another op-ed/editorial makes our list, this one by Udita Lyengar, a PhD candidate at the University College London Department of Psychology. She describes new research on maternal drug abuse and the possible connection maternal drug abuse at parenting challenges.

  1. Why police are putting people in treatment instead of jail

In this op-ed/editorial, John Guilfoil, director of the Police Assisted Addiction and Recovery Initiative (P.A.A.R.I), discusses the P.A.A.R.I program and why law enforcement should be leaning towards treatment rather than locking up those struggling with substance use.

  1. The WAGER, Vol. 20(9) – Warning signs: The influence of gambling ads on gambling behavior

This research review looks at a study that critically assessed advertisements and gambling promotions and their effects on different kinds of gamblers.

  1. Compulsive gambling is an illness to which I lost nearly everything. Nearly.

Coming in at Number 1 is a compelling editorial written by Ms. Jodie Nealley, who shares with us her story about how compulsive gambling took her home, her marriage, her career, her reputation, and her freedom. She is now dedicated to help others overcome challenges with gambling. Ms. Nealley’s story brings to life many of the scientific findings we describe on The WAGER and throughout The BASIS.

Thank you for reading The BASIS during 2015! Use the Comment section to tell us which post was your favorite.

Best wishes for a happy holiday season.


The BASIS Team

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Sarah E. Nelson, Ph.D., Editor, ASHES and The DRAM
Matthew Tom, Ph.D., Content Manager
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Emily Shoov
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