Introduction to Special Series on Addiction within Relationships

This month, to mark Valentine's Day, The BASIS focuses on the many complicated ways in which addiction impacts, and is impacted by, relationships with loved ones. Earlier in the month, The WAGER began this series by describing a study that investigated the link between problem gambling and family violence. The DRAM continued our focus by exploring problem drinking within marriage and divorce. Last week's ASHES shows us that partner supportiveness plays an important role in the decision to quit smoking. Finally, today's STASH wraps up this series by describing a study of the connections among sexting, substance use, and sexual risk taking among young adults.

In addition to these science reviews, The BASIS presented an editorial by Dr. Howard Shaffer entitled, "Helping Families with Addiction." Dr. Shaffer relies on decades of clinical experience to describe three very important and straightforward things you can do to help yourself if a loved one is having problems with alcohol, drugs, or gambling. This important editorial appeared on Friday, February 14th– Valentine's Day.

We hope you will enjoy and learn from this Special Series.