The WAGER Vol. 5(22) – The Periodical Table

Continuing the mission begun in WAGER 4(50), from time to time, the WAGER presents lists of gambling-related resources that may be of interest to our readers. This week, we provide brief descriptions of some scholarly journals that publish articles on gambling issues. In many of these journals, gambling-related articles are infrequent. Only "peer-reviewed" journals are listed; that is, all articles published in the journals below have been read, reviewed and critiqued by experts in the field. Regrettably, most scholarly journals are quite expensive and may be difficult to find outside of universities. Hopefully, these barriers will diminish or disappear as the trend toward free, Internet-based academic publications continues.

Journal of Gambling Studies: (Quarterly, Kluwer/Human Sciences Press) The only peer-reviewed journal devoted exclusively to the topic. The Journal covers all aspects of gambling studies – not just problem and pathological behavior. The editorial board includes many of the field’s founders and luminaries.

American Journal of Public Health: (Monthly, American Public Health Association) One of the oldest and best-known of the public health journals. When AJPH does publish gambling-related articles, they are usually epidemiologically oriented.

Canadian Journal of Psychiatry: (Monthly, Canadian Psychiatric Association) Canada’s leading general interest psychiatry journal. The Journal’s articles are usually brief, presenting data on the mental health aspects of gambling.

The Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science: (Bimonthly, American Academy of Political and Social Science) Each issue of the Annals is a self-contained compilation devoted entirely to a particular issue of sociological importance. Once every generation, the Annals devotes an issue to gambling. The most recent gambling-related issue was published in 1998.

American Journal of Psychiatry: (Monthly, American Psychiatric Association) The official journal of the creators of DSM-IV. The SOGS was originally published here, as was one of the few gambling-related clinical trials of a psychiatric medication.

Addiction: (Monthly, Carfax) Edited at London’s National Addiction Center. Addiction publishes in-depth studies of a wide variety of addictive behaviors. Truly an international journal, the editorial board includes eminent researchers from around the world.