The WAGER, Vol. 1(28) – Influence of gambling on family & friends

Gambling can hold important consequences for both family and friends. In a study examining the socioeconomic effects of gambling on individuals, families and the community, Australian researchers randomly surveyed a proportional representation of New South Wales, including Metropolitan Sydney (n = 1390). These respondents then were classified into two sub-sample groups for further data analysis. The two subgroups were (1) Lotto Only: respondents who had a regular, weekly, or more frequent habit of playing only the lotto, lottery, or Instant lottery (n=140), and (2) Other: respondents who had a regular, weekly or more frequent habit of playing some other (i.e., non-lottery) form of gaming or wagering (n=159). Respondents who played only some form of lottery reported a meaningfully lower proportion of negative effects among their family and friends than respondents who played some other form of gaming or wagering.

Source: Dickerson, M., Allcock, C., Blaszczynski, A., Nicholls, B., Williams, J., & Maddern, R. (1996). An examina­tion of the socio-economic effects of gambling on individuals, families, and the community, including research into the costs of problem gambling in New South Wales. Macarthur, Australia: University of Western Sydney, Australian Institute for Gambling Research.

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